Good ol’ grassroots community outreach can be a very effective tool in getting the word out about your event to your local community. Here’s a handy checklist of things to remember.
  • Put up event posters at your local YMCA, city/town hall, library, yoga studios, fitness centers, community centers, recreation centers, and teen centers.
  • Call your local schools and ask for the e-mail address of the staff member who prepares the school newsletter and the principal. Drawing on the press release, send them a short (1-2 paragraph summary) of the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend mentioning the local events you are sponsoring. Ask them to include it in their weekly school newsletter. Ask if the school has an outing club and e-mail that contact person with information about GMOW events.
  • Contact the nearest Healthy Maine Partnership (see and your nearest hospital (many of which now offer youth fitness programs) to see whether they can help publicize the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend and your events.
  • If you have contacts for other local groups (such as fishing/hunting associations, girl scouts, boy scouts, garden clubs, watershed associations, lake associations, Rotary clubs, and fraternal organizations), forward on the GMOW e-mail notice and ask them to inform their membership about the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend and associated local events.
  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and make sure that the Weekend and your events are on their calendar. Invite local businesses to place event posters in their storefronts or in prominent locations inside.