Local media outlets are always looking for fun community stories. Be sure to let them know you’re involved in the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, and your event may very well be featured in a local publication or on TV/radio. Our handy media outreach checklist below can help you make the best of this potential opportunity to publicize your event.


  • Create a Press Release
  • Contact media outlets (local newspapers, TV, radio) at least one week in advance of the event to determine their deadline, their preferred way to receive the press release, and the best contact for that release.
    • Send press release to the outlet. Many still like fax!
    • If you send via email, it’s ok to give a quick call only to make sure that the release was received and to inform them that you are available for any questions they might have.
  • Create a media alert one week in advance of the event to send to assignment editors to prompt them to cover your event. A media alert is a very brief document that clearly specifies the details of the event and includes:
    • Event title
    • Date, time and location of event (add GPS link if you can)
    • Brief event description
    • Contact information
    • Follow-up three days in advance of event with assignment editor/desk to follow-up and alert them of the event.
  • Call assignment editor/desk early morning of the event to remind them of the details. Often times there are several assignment editors covering weekend events/news and you want to make sure that they are in fact aware and available to cover if they can.


  • Make sure there is a spokesperson assigned.
  • Be available to media to make sure they get the information and coverage they need.


  • Thank media who attended the event!